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Hi, I am Kathy!


I am a Product Designer passionate about creating delightful experiences with empathy while striking the right balance between user needs and business goals.  


I have recently graduated from a 6-months long Full Stack Designer Certificate from RED Academy, which combined a 3-month UX Design and 3-months UI Design courses. I learned design through first-hand experience working with clients in an agency setting under the guidance of our instructors. It was here that I really found my passion for Product Design.


Prior to my journey into Product Design, I worked as a Market Research Analyst and a Financial Consultant in the Oil & Gas Industry in the United States, providing strategic analysis and business development planning, which brings a results-driven and analytical approach to my design process.

I hold a Master's degree in Applied Statistics and Data Science from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. 

When I am not designing, I am mostly eating, cooking, and painting!

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